Adventures in a Small Town


     It's no secret to my friends and family that I like to take pictures. But typically, this is a pretty solitary endeavor for me. But when faced with a lack of options for inexpensive date ideas, I have always thought that going to a new town and walking through, stopping to take pictures of whatever strikes our fancy would be a great way to pass the time on a weekend when the weather is nice. When I saw a call for applicants for a campaign on Chictopia Connect to do a post chronicling an adventure, I knew this was a perfect opportunity to put my theory to the test.

     My boyfriend and I traveled to a little town in East Tennessee called Kingsport. This town actually houses the Eastman Kodak chemical plant, so I thought it quite appropriate that it was the location for a photographic adventure. The downtown district itself features everything from antique stores to stylish boutiques. It felt like a trip back in time with all of the great signs and the old school buildings. My favorite part of the day was exploring in the alleyways behind one the main stretch of buildings and snapping some of the pictures in the gallery at the bottom of this post.

     We were lucky that the weather was warm enough to eschew big coats; instead, I opted for one of my cashmere sweaters layered underneath a shirt I snagged from my boyfriend's closet. He might have to get used to that as I'm navigating my capsule wardrobe and learning what to pack for visits (perhaps the subject of another post- what to pack for long distance relationship related travels). A necessity for outings where I'm carrying a lot of photography gear is a large enough purse to house what I may need. I took three cameras in addition to my phone: my film camera, my regular dSLR, and my new Pentax. I also opted for the shoes that are in the highest rotation for my capsule wardrobe: my Madewell boots. I actually bought them in black and brown with the knowledge that I would be wearing them nearly every day.


     This gallery features just a few snapshots that I took throughout the day. If the Pal's seems a bit incongruous with the rest of the images, it is just because it is a fast food restaurant that is famous in the tri-city area. Their frenchie fries (yes, frenchie) rival McDonald's and it's a shame that the entire nation can't enjoy the "sudden service" chain like we can here. I didn't think a picture adventure would be complete without showing it off a little bit, but I chose to focus on the cool colors instead of their instantly recognizable giant hotdog facade.

     I am so grateful that the Chictopia Connect platform gave me the incentive to do something so fun. In fact, it's a great service for finding other sponsorships. I've already worked with companies like Twice and look forward to finding even more great resources for sponsorships and collaborations. Chictopia has been a primary outlet for sharing my outfits for years and I'm happy to see this new expansion!

Thanks to Chictopia and Chictopia Connect for sponsoring this post!

Mildly Interesting


Recycled leather jacket. Secondhand oxford shirt (similar). Imogene + Willie jeans. Vintage Dior scarf. G.H. Bass loafers. Vintage Coach purse (similar).Ray- Ban round sunglasses.


     Although all of these items made their way into my capsule wardrobe, I actually used this outfit as a guide rather than creating it after I chose my items. If you are interested in creating your own version of a capsule wardrobe, I suggest taking inventory of the items you wear most often first. I know this seems like a big duh, but not everyone has visual documentation of what they are wearing nearly every day. While you don't have to go all #ootd, even just snapping a mirror selfie before you start your day can help categorize what you like wearing the most as well as giving an insight into what you lack. It's an intentional approach that doesn't involve you to go out of your way to figure out what works.

     A big consideration that I made while I was putting items together was not only what I liked, but what was actually weather appropriate. This is, of course, bound to fail considering the unpredictable nature of the next few months; however, I'm not so strict with myself as to not use a coat that I do in fact have just because it didn't make the first round draft pick for my initial attempt at this whole capsule thing. For instance, while I was in Texas, a simple shirt and jacket paired with loafers with no sock was no problem. But now that I'm back in Tennessee, I am wearing boots or at least socks regularly.

     It's all a learning process. I know I didn't make any mistakes including the above items because I wear them quite often; but I'll be interested to see what should have been stored after the winter season.