Shoeday Tuesday: Back to school with Nike Flyknit Lunar 2 and Finish Line


Nike Flyknit Lunar 2, c/o Finish Line. Tasseled scarf, Old Navy (similar). Everlane v-neck. Madewell jeans and Transport tote. Forever 21 glasses.


     After I posted about my Nike Frees for Shoesday Tuesday a few weeks ago (still LOVING them!), Finish Line contacted me and asked me if I would like to receive another pair of sneakers to review and style on the blog. Being as shoe obsessed as I am (and I bit of a secret sneaker head as well), I was thrilled at the opportunity.

      A quick scroll through my blog will show you that I don't exactly gravitate towards a lot of colors. My go-to is usually a white top and black bottoms. However, these Flyknits are the perfect dose of neon for a casual look. Not to mention, a lot of college students rely heavily on sneakers for commuting from class to class, so the timing was absolutely perfect. I didn't have to try to create a "back to school" look: this is actually what I wore for my day of classes and walking to Vienna Coffeehouse for homework.

      As with other Nike shoes, the Flyknits are a bit on the snug side even on my narrow foot. This is due to the fact that their real purpose is for working out and walking, so it's actually beneficial. I'm wearing mine without socks which is the only reason for any discomfort I experienced while breaking them in. I would recommend looking for some no show shocks to pair the Flyknits with because even some that were labeled as ankle socks were awkwardly high with this particular pair.

     I would suggest utilizing these for cross training and walking rather than actual running. The flexibility of the Frees is a bit more conducive to running, but if you need a larger amount of corrective support then I would suggest looking for a shoe from a more specific running brand like Brooks or Saucony. However, these will definitely keep your feet happy when walking long distances and are much more supportive than other fashion sneakers like Converse or Vans.

     I haven't taken very many styling risks with these puppies yet, but I can envision a more high fashion approach with a white shift dress and a bucket bag. For now, I plan on pairing them with my skinny jeans and casual tops quite frequently. I highly recommend giving a pair of sneakers a shot for back to school as they are the perfect thing to throw on with casual clothes and a tote. 

Shoesday Tuesday: Ecote Woven Leather Platform Sandal


     My style influences are a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll. If it looks like something Jimi Hendrix might have worn, chances are I'll at least try it on. And yes, I own two pairs of cowboy boots. But I never let myself go too far in one direction, rather mixing classic pieces with my more outrageous things to make an outfit all my own. Usually, I wouldn't think that wooden platform shoes are subtle enough, but I was immediately drawn to these Ecote sandals and haven't looked back since.

     First of all, whatever you put them on with will instantly become more chill. Boyfriend jeans and a white tee? These bad boys make that look perfectly Americana. What about a maxi dress and floppy hat? 70s inspired in the best way. I have worn my Steve Madden Nonstp heels into the ground and was looking for another casual, leather heel that could transition into fall. These are absolutely perfect for that description.

     Now, I know the amount of clunk in the platform isn't for everyone. There is really nothing streamlined or minimal about these sandals, so if that's your vibe then I totally understand not wanting to try these out. But if you tend to go for a bit more bohemian or vintage styles, these shoes could become your new best friends.

     Structurally, the wood is going to show some wear and tear. Personally, I like to think that adds character, but a lighter colored wooden platform shoe might not show as much damage. The leather is great quality for the price and doesn't pinch my foot uncomfortably at all. Because of the amount of holes in the ankle strap, a variety calf or foot widths could easily fit into these shoes. The wood is a bit heavy, but it adds to the durability and ease of the heel. I consider these to be true to size.

      I don't have many complaints except for the potential for the bottom to be quite slippery and the pressure the wooden platform puts on the balls of the feet after a long day. As far as heels go, though, I would choose these for all day wear versus most of my other pairs.

     I actually surprised myself with how much I love these shoes. I've already worn them with quite a bit of things in my wardrobe, but for fall I can't wait to wear them with a variety of denim shapes as well as with tights and long socks for some warmth with dresses.

Oui Mon Cheri


     I don't know a lot of people who can resist the sale section at J. Crew, especially with an additional percent off. And the student discount. I typically go for the basics but this time around I found something a bit punchier. Typically, pieces that are trying to overtly French turn me off a bit, but the graphic sweatshirt reminded me of my Y'all sweatshirt that I wear so much that I went ahead and snatched it up.

     I'm sure this outfit could have gone a very different, very preppy direction. I'll probably layer it up with button ups in cooler weather, sure. However, I appreciate the sporty, street style aesthetic more so than new wave prep. It's not even something I would necessarily consider "my style", but sometimes it is those random impulse buys that can add visual interest and variety to a wardrobe.