A Crossbody for Everybody

You know when it seems like something is following you everywhere once you figure out what it is? It's kind of like Where's Waldo, but instead of the striped guy peeking out from his cleverly hidden locale, you keep seeing the thing all over the place. For some people, it's a song: you hear it once then you hear it everywhere. But for me recently, the thing has been small, rectangular crossbody bags.

     I'm not exactly sure when I started noticing the prevalence of the shape. I don't think it's a seasonal fad; after all, there's the classics like the Gucci Disco bag pictured in the gallery above. But there's a version of this same bag at every price point and aesthetic preference. Personally, I was elated when I went into Charming Charlie on a whim and spotted the exact little purse that I had seen and admired on a stranger that same day. I was even more elated to find out that it came in black, and yes, it was on sale.  Even so, I think I'll put the Gigi New York Madison on my Christmas wishlist to fully satisfy the crossbody craving.

     After spotting these cute little purses at every price point, I wanted to put together a gallery of some of my favorites. I know a lot of bloggers like to schlep heavy DSLR cameras around in their bags, but maybe this will inspire you to lighten your load and enjoy the moment. Your shoulders (and your outfits) will thank you.


Warm Spell


Women's V from Everlane. BDG Twig High Rise jean in black. Vintage Eddie Bauer hat (similar here). Vintage Coach purse from Planet XChange (similar here). Chelsea boots, TJ Maxx (similar here).


     While my sartorial inclinations tend to be more autumn and winter friendly, there are times when I am quite grateful that I can still manage to throw on a tee shirt and jeans in the middle of fall. While November is certainly about to rear its cool head again, it didn't happen without a few warm spells along the way.

     Everything in this outfit is a foundational piece for me. When I'm in a hurry, my outfit philosophy is to throw on all of my favorite items and walk out the door. Since I tend to go for more minimal, basic pieces, this doesn't end up making me look like a Christmas tree (although that's not to say that I don't have my magpie moments as well). Everlane is seriously perfect for this kind of thing and I will take one of everything on the site, please. Their products, among those from some of my other favorite brands as well, are proof that you can do simplicity without being a part of the normcore trend that pretty much defies why simplicity is classic to begin with.

Fall Uniform


Wool blazer, vintage from Lula B's in Dallas. Secondhand Banana Republic shirt (similar here), Reruns in Knoxville. BDG Twig Hi Rise jeans. G.H. Bass Wayfarer loafers.  Patricia Nash Teramo satchel c/o. Old Walmart scarf (similar here).


      A few years ago, my sister went to Catholic school while I was solidly entrenched in the public school system. Although I was in high school, enjoying the sartorial pitfalls of light wash boot cut jeans and those awful empire waist shirts (it was 2007), I couldn't help but delight in Carrie's uniforms. Although she outgrew the idea of plaid pinafores and coordinating button up shirts pretty quickly, the aesthetic was something that I could still get behind. I probably have one of the plaid hair bows I pilfered from her collection buried in a drawer somewhere to this day.

     I think the overwhelming power of choice is why the idea of a personal uniform is so appealing. I'm not forced to wear an over sized blazer, white shirt, and skinny jeans every day in order to avoid getting written up by my school. It's comforting to be able to deviate, sure. But the fact that I choose to wear this much more often than any other, more complicated ensemble speaks volumes. After delving into the minimalist style website Into Mind, I definitely see the merits of a personal uniform or signature look.

     As it gets colder, I will layer sweaters and coats into the mix. But the basis for about eighty percent of my outfits remains a pair of high-waisted skinny jeans and a white shirt. There are quite a few iterations of this basic combination, like throwing on a leather jacket instead of a blazer. It's simplicity makes it the ultimate template for personalization that's all in the details. And yes, I've used that argument to spend more than I should on scarves and shoes.

     It may be obvious that you'll likely be seeing this combination repeat itself as I document my fall looks. But coming from someone who still scours the children's department of Goodwill for uniform skirts and pinafores, maybe that isn't so surprising.