Secret Garden

By the Orchard dress, c/o August Wrinkle. Scarf, local boutique. Vintage Roper boots, A La Plage Vintage. Vintage style purse, Fossil. Rounded tortoise shell sunglasses, Target.

     How fortunate is it that this ring of rose bushes is located just a short walk away from the front door of my apartment building on campus? I've taken pictures here before for my Alice in Wonderland inspired photoshoot, but I have to say that I'm even more enamored with how this set of outfit pictures turned out. I think that's what I enjoy most about living on campus: those little details that you can count on to see every year. Given that my school was founded in 1819, I'm sure those details have changed quite a lot over the years. But what hasn't changed is the fact that our campus is a safe haven for students. We change so much over the four years that we're in college, but our beautiful surroundings definitely help us to escape some of those stresses.
     As soon as I saw that the roses were in bloom, I couldn't wait to shoot this outfit in this location. I'm loving the simplicity of this dress from August Wrinkle. Considering it is in my favorite hue of green, I was so excited to style it with some of my earthier accessories. I saw my new-to-me vintage boots on Etsy and knew that they'd be perfect for wondering down trails this summer. They are a bit tight due to my own measurement error, but once they're properly formed to my feet they will be just what I've been wanting.
     And as an update, today was the second day of finals for my spring semester. I only have two days left as a sophomore which means I will be halfway done with my undergraduate degree. Right now, I'm trying to focus on how excited I am for the summer and not think about how fast time is flying!